Friday, March 19, 2010

Scented Geraniums

We potted up our rooted cuttings of scented geraniums today.
We have always loved growing scented geraniums. They
are available with so many different and unique leaf shapes.
Some good uses of scented geraniums can be found in a
little booklet we carry from the International Herb Assoc. IHA
entitled: "Scented Geraniums (Herb of the Year 2006)".
We dry the leaves for their fragrance, scents like rose, lemon,
and spice. They enhance our blends of potpourri and bath herbs.
They are very easy to grow and make nice houseplants,
which can add a pleasant aroma to your home. We
encourage you to try a scented geranium this season.
(Most herb farms/greenhouses carry them).

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